bravchik (bravchik) wrote,

Combat Mission Black Sea

В игре на Абрамсах установлена КАЗ. Я удивился, откуда? Залез в мануал, а там:

The M1 Abrams can be equipped with an Active Protection System (APS) such as the Trophy system that can defeat incoming projectiles. Although there are United States Army APS programs in development, within the timeframe of this game and facing the prospect of a well-equipped enemy military, it is likely that commercial off-the-shelf APS such as Trophy would be procured for tanks and AFVs.

Ну то есть "У всех есть КАЗ и нас все обижают, поэтому мы решили придумать ее и поставить на танки. А то обидно".

Реализм так и прет. Из всех щелей.

Ну и дальше:

We have artificially increased the passenger capacity of the M2 Bradley to accommodate a full rifle squad. In reality, a full rifle squad cannot fit in a Bradley, so there is a complicated cross-loading routine that results in members of multiple squads mixed together in the platoon HQ Bradley. Needless to say, simulating this is more trouble than it is worth!
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